Landing Lights [Duplicate Topic]

Hello this is my first post and if this is the wrong section Im sorry.

I like to fly in the night but taxiing is a bit hard without landing lights. I mean they are in the game but basically useless.
Implementing real landing lights that work will be really good feature. (im assuming its kind of hard to add something like that right ?)

There is already a feature request for taxiway lights go vote for it :)


I will change this topic category to #features
Please look at this topic, it shows how to properly use Landing & Strobes, if you would like taxi lights to be implemented please look at the topic linked above by Daniel and give it a vote.
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But there already is one…

That’s why I put in brackets duplicate topic

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Didn’t see that sorry :)

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No worries, I actually changed it as you replied to me :)

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I think you accidentally replied to me… but no biggie :)