Landing Lights as Taxi Lights

Hello! I don’t know if this subject has been touched upon yet but I’ve seen many pilots using landing lights on the ground while taxing (acting like taxi lights). Should we turn on landing lights while taxing for taxi lights or is this not something we should do?

I mean, the realism folks are probably gonna roast you for that, but IF is a mobile sim, so it’s completely up to you how you want to do it, really since taxi lights aren’t implemented. Do what you want!


Ok! I did find it a little strange as to why they did that. It was also night time so they may have wanted to be visible to other pilots. I’ll just keep using landing lights for what they’re meant for 😂! Thanks!

I wouldn’t recommend doing that. By all means, you can. But keep in mind that those lights are only supposed to be on when entering your Departing runway. And for all actions under 10,000 feet. You could if you want to, but if you like realism. Don’t.

I just realized, there is no taxi lights in Infinite Flight. Only nav, beacon, landing, and strobes

I personally find it better and for myself in the virtual flight deck more realistic to switch some “taxi” lights on rather than just taxiing without lights. But as you see scrolling through the replies so far it’s a question of taste. ;)

Hi, I personally don’t use landing lights as taxi lights because lights don’t illuminate the ground at all so it might be useless to use it. But I don’t mind seeing people using it as they want to fly realistic.

For some realism freaks like me, this is a sin of the highest degree, but if you want to, you absolutely can. However it is pretty useless as they don’t provide any light but if you like the feeling of turning on some lights for taxi have at it.

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