Landing Lights and Landing Gear

Hello pilots, what’s up?

At what altitude are the following procedures performed?

•Turn off landing lights after takeoff;
•Turn on landing lights on approach destination;
•Gear down on approach destination.


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At 10,000ft

Again 10,000ft

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Usually its when the approach has been established and the aircraft is at or around 2500AGL. It is also part of the landing checklist which is done before finals.

Edit: Typo. Meant to say 2500. Always better to be safe rather than sorry!

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Above 10,000 feet landings lights off, Below 10,000 lights go on. In terms of landing gear, i go with how far out i am. The minimum for me would be 3nm with 6 being the max.

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Gear down on approach changes on airlines operations normally 5nm out or 2500ft

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Landing lights turn on and off at 10,000 feet. The gear comes down 5-6 miles away from the airport.

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Think I need to point out, 10,000 feet AAL (Above Aerodrom Level) should be your change over point for landing lights on and off, not just 10,000. This is especially important when landing at airports situated in high areas such as Denver


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