Landing Lights Above 10,000ft MSL


This might be a dumb question but I’ve been wondering this for a while. (Actually only for a few minutes) Some Airports such as ZUBD (also has the worlds longest runway), has an elevation of 14,436ft MSL. I also know that landing lights should be turned off above 10,000ft MSL
So here is my question;
When you are taking off or landing at airpots over 10,000ft what do you do with the landing lights?

If this is in the wrong category, could a regular or mod change it :)

IF PAX issue


That would be MSL, AGL is how far your aircraft is from the ground not sea level


What altitude would they be turned on?


If the airport is 14,000 msl it would be 24,000 msl or 10,000ft above ground level


Oh right, ty


Yea should be 10000 ft Above airport elevation

Something like KDEN you turn it on at 15000ish feet


Feel like this instance is perfect for the saying “guidelines aren’t rules” every situation is different…


I would just use them since you would normally on takeoff and landing.


Your facts on “the worlds longest runway” is false.
Yes, it may have the works longest paved runway, but not the worlds longest runway


Also landing lights don’t to anything in IF, so all so not that essential…🙃


Longest commercial runway :)


we all secretly wish…


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