Landing LAX

Has anyone flown into LA in real life and landed the 7s or 6s? Every time I fly there I land the 25s/24s and depart them as well, curious as to others!


The one time I landed on 6L was in a Qantas A380 from Melbourne on QF93 (VH-OQG). I think the runways switch from 6/7 to 24/25 at 6:25am

Was it a clear day? I thought that LAX only changes it when there is bad weather.

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I’ve seen LAX usually switch runway patterns near midnight through 5 a.m.

Interestingly, they have had landings to the east on the north runways and have had regular takeoffs in the opposite direction for the south two runways.

It’s usually like this

North side:
24R: Landing
24L: Takeoff

South side:
25R: takeoff
25L: Landing/Takeoff for cargo planes

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The only time I’ve seen them use 6/7 is when there is bad weather.


Sadly no but I will soon. I might get old but I will eventually

There’s a noise abatement procedure for LAX I think anything before 7 lands and departs to the east and than also during bad weather days well. I landed from Hawaii at 6 one morning and used the east runways

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We landed around 6:20am which is before the runways change.

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I would believe some of the decision would be on local wind flows such as the sea breeze which gets stronger as the land temp rises faster than the ocean causing an easterly wind.

Well, there was one the flight I was on, BR 6 from Taipei was landing at runway 7L, but the aircraft had to go around because of a Southwest aircraft according to the pilot, so then we landed at runway 24R.

Runways 24R and 25L are used for landings from 6:30 AM to midnight.

Runways 24L and 25R are used for takeoffs (and the very rare landing) from 6:30AM to midnight.

Runways 6R and 7L are used for landings from midnight to 6:30 AM.

Runways 6L and 7R are used for landings from midnight to 6:30 AM.

Runways 24L and 25R have dual-purpose use from 10 PM to midnight, and 6:30 AM to 7 AM.

Due to the nearby towns of Westchester, Inglewood, Lennox, Hawthorne, and El Segundo, the runway usage is inverted from midnight to 6:30 AM in order to lessen the noise.


I have once flying southwest KSMF-KLAX

You learn something new everyday! I didn’t know that they were used for dual purpose. But why during 10 to twelve? It isn’t busy and it is the same noise for surrounding communities.

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I haven’t done it-always got out as one of the last on the 24/25’s while other A/C pushing back have gone taxiing toward the 06/07’s

This document will have almost everything you want to know about KLAX runway ops and timing etc.

It also basically makes everyone that’s obsessed with landing on 25R look a little silly 😝


most of it is wind related (and times as mentioned above). We here in LA mostly have off shore wind flows coming off the ocean, hence landing on 25L & 24R, and take offs on 24L & 25R… but when we get Santa Ana winds (from the desert) or on shore flows these are reversed… I’ve lived here 20years and have never landed on the 6 & 7s’ - I’ve seen them many times, as on take off they fly right over where i live… and I have also landed about 1am on 25L too… anyway, i heard it’s quite the trip coming in off the ocean if you were not expecting it…

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The GS intercept height is 1800’ so you’d be fairly low over the water in contrast to coming in from the east. I was wondering the same thing at JFK the first time I landed on 04R-we came in real low over the water iirc that’s a 2000’ intercept.

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Oh, I think I misunderstood when @Altaria55 said “dual purpose”. I thought that meant planes also landed on 24L/25R during 10-12 at night.
I’m pretty familiar with LAX patterns because I used to live there and spot all the time. I’ve also seen them land from over the Pacific due to weather.

I have never, it’s always been the 24/25’s that I end up landing on.

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