Landing Issues

I have landed about 3 Times today and 3 landings yesterday in solo server still it’s not being updated. I saw it is still showing error. It shows only 1 landing whereas I did this much landing. Please fix this issue.

Can you confirm which server you were on? You mention solo.

  • Solo does not count towards your stats.
  • Casual/Training/Expert does.

Make sure you have the landing count added to your bottom bar as you will see it increase after landing. The landing must be on a runway with the main gear. Landings quicker than 30 seconds apart will not count. At the end of the flight be sure to end the flight cleanly by pressing End Flight and not by closing the app.

It does take a little bit for the landings to register. Sometimes it helps to do another flight after to push the stats along.


Solo Server

As mentioned, solo doesnt count towards your stats. Is it your stats that arent updating?

Yeah solo doesn’t count towards any stats. Perform the landings in casual server. For most people thats the best way to do it.

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