Landing information

is there any app that shows you all the routes into the airport like the sid and stars?

Applications such as Navigraph and official airport charts do; however, since v20.1, Infinite Flight displays that information.

To view the SIDs STARs, select an airports and click Procs.

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Infinite flight does

Infinite Flight has those… they’re all taken from NavBlue (i believe? I could be wrong), which has all real world procedures

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ah ok no worries thank you appreciate it

If it’s a US airport, you could go to and search for the procedures there.

For other countries: here’s a good link to use to look up their official AIPs - Electronic AIPs by Country (Alphabetical) - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Resources - LibGuides at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott Campus

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Foreflight is also really good for this!

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