Landing in white-out conditions in Venice!

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post in this community forum! In this post, I will show you some shots of me landing in very low visibility in Venice Marco Polo Airport (LIPZ)!

I did this flight during the second day of 2022, bound from Paris CDG airport with Air France A220-300. I don’t remember what time it was when I was doing this flight, but I do have a livestream replay. (My subscription expired like one month ago so I cannot watch the replay in-app)

The server is expert btw (I’m still new to this flight sim, my first flight was in July 2021)

Livestream from my YouTube channel

It started to get real foggy at 1:22:20

Here are some screenshots I took in replay mode that day:

Anyway, thanks for reading my first ever post in this community forum! I’ll try to get back to multiplayer as soon as possible once I am finally able to renew my pro subscription!


Nice photos


Cool, I love some foggy/windy approaches.