Landing in VVTS (2 April 2019)

After a 1 3/4hr streamed flight from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, I decided to grab a few shots after the flight as there was quite a bit of aircraft

These were taken roughly 25 minutes ago from the Expert Server (VVTS)

Thanks for reading.


Jays Graeme. That’s sum yoke der now. Keep er lit fam.


Just, why is there an Aeromexico plane in Vietnam?

Realism dies


lol im trying to figure out why there is a Lufthansa CRJ


Oh yeah true. That plane is only short haul not long haul unless it did a lot of stopover landings

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Amazing photos only thing that is bugging me is what on earth are the pilots of a Lufthansa Crj doing in Vietnam

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Thank you!
Maybe the CRJ became super fuel efficient? aha

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nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice NICE JJJJJJJOOOOOBBB!!!

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Thank you so much :^)

nice pictures…

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Thanks budd!

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Having a nice flight

Lufthansa CRJ exists

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Aha. Main questions of expert server:

  • Should requirements rise?
  • Should there be another server?
  • Why is there a CRJ from Europe in Asia?
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