Landing in the B738...

When you guys land in the 737-800, what flaps do you use? Ive seen people land on 30 and 40 so I want to understand why and which is the best to land with.


I think it depends on the wind conditions, and the how heavy the plane is. I usually land with full flap configuration.

30 or 40 are the recommended flap settings for landing a 737-800. 30 may be more typical, and for autoland 40 is preferred as you reduce the nose up angle and have better forward visibility.

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okay I understand that. Now what do the winds have to be for you to choose one over the other?

I always use the flaps in 40, but sometimes in 30.

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I asked some pople about that, like what aviationluver said heaviness, speed, winds, weather etc. all factor in, usually when Im on a 2nm final i put the flaps at full, like what WN pilots do, and excuse my horrid spelling lol

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ill try that

2nm out is quite late. Normally you should be fully configured by 4nm. There are expections to that, for example in a non-precision approach you should be configured by the final approach point (around 7-10nm out) and for a low drag approach you can configure quite late as long as you are done by around 700ft.

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The more wind, the less flaps. If the wind is under 10kts I usually use flap 40. If its over that, I usually use flap 20-30. If the wind is over 10kts and gusting, the maximum flaps I use are 15 (20 at the most). I hope this helps you :)


Flaps 15 is definitely not a recommended configuration for landing on a 737-800, and only supposed to be used if there is a equipment problem - for example the QRH advises using flaps 15 when you have a single engine failure.


do you take wind direction into account?

huh I didn’t know that. I don’t fly the b737 that often anyway. I prefer the a320

Yeah. If I am landing on a green runway I usually use more flaps than if I am landing on a yellow runway.

I never use flap 40 I do not know remember when last time I seeing a 40 flap landing I all way use flap 30

I personally find 40 too much lol the max I’ll go with is 30 though I am okay with 20 too

Correct you get complimenting

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