Landing In Santiago

Well hello everyone, I just wanted to share this amazing catch of my landing in Santiago from Sydney real time. Landed 10:45AM time in Chile 20 minutes early.

Flight info:

Plane Type: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Registration: VH-ZNE
Engines: 2x GEnx1B
Scheduled: Departure 12:35PM
Actual Departure: 1:06PM (31 minutes late )
Scheduled Arrival: 11:05AM
Actual Arrival 10:45AM (20 minutes early )

Flight time 11:39


Nice shot!

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Thanks brother !

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Did you get to fly over Antarctica

Interesting question. Unfortunately I did not. I did flew over New Zealand. It was all over water to Santiago after that. Some good headwind as well

Awesome pic! Love flying into Santiago, incredible scenery there. Done this exact route when Santiago was last featured

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Nice ! I also do LAN800 from AKL. At first I flew from JFK on the 777-200 but unfortunately that route don’t exist anymore

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