Landing In San Francisco With the New United 777-300ER

Just downloaded the 20.2 Beta and I decided to land the brand new United 777-300ER in San Francisco, here are the photos.

Short final into 28R. Here you can see the beautiful gear tilt!

Jump seat POV. The live instruments are great and you can see the phenomenal detail of the cockpit.

Just before touchdown.

Touchdown! The sound of the engines is amazing and feels just like the real thing.

Parked at the gate with doors open and engines shut down.

What routes do YOU want to fly with this livery?


wow beautiful photos, I can’t wait to see this 77W on my phone

Gorgeous aircraft! Happy open beta day to all, I do have a copy so I can confirm it’s amazing!! 🤩🤩

I was hoping for the old continental livery, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers 😂

Amazing Photos!

The route I want to fly is KLAX to CYYZ with the Air Canada B77W, I’m going to fly the route today!

Do they have the Continental United livery for the 77W?

Awesome work! I think this livery is my favorite from 20.2! Your second shot really showed off some of the unique characteristics of the 777-300ER cockpit! I like the last photo, really shows the stunning beauty of the plane!! I will definitely fly a route from Newark or San Francisco, more than likely to Asia with this plane!

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I’m definitely going to do this too! But before I fly any intl routes, i’m going to fly SFO-EWR/EWR-SFO which is actually operated by the 77W irl in non-covid times.


Same, i’ll join ya :)! Thats my favorite route :)

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We can fly SFO-EWR-LAX in it 😉


Those Pictures speaks to me with color and perfection, I love the, “Just before touchdown”, picture, really capture the United name, the great tilt, wing flex, and just looks so smooth 😍

Routes I want to try with the new United 777-300ER?

  • Shanghai - Seoul - San Francisco (Vice-Versa)
  • San Francisco - Frankfurt
  • Newark - Mumbai (and return flight to EWR)
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Ooooo a little portrait effect you got there i like!!!

I’ve worked the EWR-BOM-EWR flight on this aircraft as a flight attendant back in March before COVID. Long flight but the layover was worth it!

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