Landing in Frankfurt

Hey there, is there anybody able to use the localizer for runway 25R and 25L in Frankfurt am Main?

I have tried several times and its not working properly. The plane is not able to align with ILS on Final Approach.

If you look on the map - you will see a red TFR ring surrounding EDDF - the TFR states that the ILS system is inoperable due to an issue.

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I don’t see TFR ring < 10000ft in EDDF as it is not on expert server. The localizer for 25C is the only one the works among the four runways. Planes now have to taxi or hold longer during peak times.

Is there a thread tracking the status of this? The NOTAM states that ILS approaches must be avoided so I’m wondering whether using ILS 25C is even allowed despite it being functional.

The 23.1.1 hotfix supposedly fixed this - the patch notes say that the EDDF ILS’ were fixed.

NOTAM is still in place and I remember seeing somewhere on the forum that the hotfix is still being rolled out? Maybe once its been rolled out on all devices then the NOTAM will be removed.

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