landing in external view in multiplayer! no reply option

i know that doesn’t sound right but i have seen some videos were a pilot switches to the external view just seconds before touch down! i guess it’s not easy since you can’t have HUD in the external view,. many might try to land in external view in multiplayer cause we can’t afford ‘reply’ in multiplayer for obvious reasons, however i thought it’s still possible to have a reply option after the end of the flight in multiplayer, like once you park the plane to the gate and click “end flight” you get to the end flight screen which shows you your flight time/XP/violations etc,… there we can have the option for a reply of the last few minutes of the flight which will just be a clip so obviously you can’t re-do the landing again it’s will just be a clip reply that only you can watch in whatever view,
i wonder if this have been suggested before!

if you like to do short final landings in external view would you mind sharing some tips?!


You should probably read this :)