Landing Help

Can someone make a video on how to do a good landing. I come up short on run way or crash because I can’t figure out how to make a good landing.


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If you look in #tutorials it has a bunch of different poets on good landings and things like that.


Ok thanks I have had the game for a long time. Just could not get to ever figure anything out. But finally found these forum on the game and figure out how to make a flight plain and now I’m getting the hang of things still not the best on all the planes. Some are a lot harder to fly then others for sure. I wish they would update the game and have building and make it more real like.

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There is really no specfic way to land a plane. Just go with the basics and keep practiceing. You will eventually get it

Yea I have been trying different things. I just need to know what more things do to maybe get a better understanding on how to make a better landing.

Listen to the callouts.

When you reach 20 idle the power and flare.

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What do you mean call out!!








Ok I know what you mean now. But what about speed and all that how to adjust per call out.

You need to make your point in more detail. Also there are lots of tutorials about landing and taking off. Just search on the forum. And also welcome to the forum sir. :)

Thanks glad to be a part of the forum, well I’m just trying to figure out the best way to land and how to get straight with the runway so I can make a better landing. For some reason I’m always off on the line up to the run way and come in way to hot. Or not enough. And end up. Crashing or land before the runway.

It also depends on the aircraft you are flying if it’s a B777 I can help if not then someone else probably made a topic on how to perform a good landing

Keep at it it will come in the end. I almost gave up when I first started. The type of plane makes a difference, I find it easier to land the 777 than the 737. I’m better now but as for the a380 well it’s not for me. Also the wind can make it harder so look at the wind speed and directions if it’s a bit gusty or high go to another region. You will get it in the end it’s a great sim,happy flying. R

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I find the Dash the hardest I’m still trying to master it haha, the B777 is also the easiest for me but for some it’s not which is surprising as I struggle with other planes like the B737 and B747

What plane are you flying? Speeds will be different depending on the aircraft

Yeah when I fly the 777’s, I usually have around 70% trim and I come in a little fast, lets just say around 170 knots or so this way I don’t crash, and I keep adding power and decreasing power this way I could have a somewhat smooth landing. I would also suggest to pay attention to the PAPI lights because that will tell you if you are too low or too high. There are a few videos on how to land certain planes so I suggest that you go check them out.

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Although if you want on your next i could guve you some landing speeds for a good landing

Well there are 2 things wrong.

  1. You shouldn’t have 70 percent trim. Thats way to high and in real life you will never trim that high
  2. You also shouldn’t be landing a boeing 777 at 170 knots. Thats 30 knots faster than what you should be landing at unless you landing with flaps 5
    Not trying to brutlitize you. But a couple errors. And i understand u dont want the plane to stall, trust if wont stall
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Ok so here is a list of planes I like to fly some I’m better at then others.
F/A 18 this I come in way to hot
F-22 same with this one
Boeing 747-400 all of boeings are come in to slow some time.
Boeing 737-700
Airbus A380-800
Bombardier CRJ -200
I hate the the Boeing c-17 that thing is a pain in the butt to fly.

I find that the 767 lands the best. It doesn’t float when you flare, but still touches down nicely.