Landing help


I am not able to land properly even with ILS. I just don’t know when to descend and with which VS and when to use which speed and all things like this.

Does anyone have tips for me?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve spent a lot of time in the TBM lately and have really enjoyed it. It is a good plane to practice in.

Here is a video found in the #tutorials section that would be a great start. You can also find several other aircraft landing tutorials in there as well. And lots more


This is probably another good topic for you to check out

It varies a lot depending on the aircraft. I would suggest you have a look at the topic referenced above, but also go on the IF YouTube channels and watch the tutorials there. You may want to try out the aircraft that have the more detailed videos on landing so that you can then try to replicate them.

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Oh and by the way… welcome to the IFC!! Hope you stick around, see you in the air!

You might’ve already browsed this - but I revisited it numerous times when I was just getting started, so I’m leaving it here for you just in case:

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