Landing good?

Hi guys! Im really enjoying playing Infinite flight but i have an issue. I cant land! Or yes i can land but i dont really know how to get centerlined correcly and just land good!
Please help me someone i need help beacuse i like this game!

Practice. There’s tutorials on landing. But without practice they’ll useless… Imo


Practice is key.

The rudder is your friend, if you’re a tad bit off the centerline you can use it to maintain centered.

If you’re landing in a crosswind, that’s a bit different. Tyler has prepared a crosswind landing tutorial that you can check out in #tutorials .

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Use the FPV and point it to the runway you’re landing at. Don’t forget to pause the game and calibrate before you disengage the autopilot.

Also tilt your device slowly and smoothly. Here’s a link for crosswind landing tutorial.

Hope this solved your issue;)

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Hello! It just takes lots of practice to make great landings, keep at it practicing and you’ll get it in no time! I recommend this video here :)

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Thank you so much!

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Okay Thank you 🤗

@Scandinavian001 Once you get lined up (or let APPR line you up) hit the heading button then you only have to focus of smoothness, that’s what I do most of the time and I get some buttery landings. With crosswinds though using heading wont work and you will have to hand fly. As long as you stay on the runway though, especially if you have strong crosswinds, then you can’t complain.

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Omg i havent think of that! That sounds VERY helpful Thank you so much!

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