Landing Glitch

Yes, yes. You may know I had an issue with IF yesterday. But I don’t even know how to explain this…

I will post this on my YT channel, but it won’t let me post on here.

I am on the best Wi-Fi, my home Wi-Fi and with cellular data. I don’t know how this happened

By the looks of things you weren’t even connected properly. Ensure you have a stable internet connection and restart the app.

I’m on full bars of VPN, LTE and AT&T

Well restart the app then. If it happens multiple times then there is an issue but if it’s only happened once then I wouldn’t worry.

Looks like your live server and user account weren’t properly connected. Are you sure you had a stable and good connection? That or the aircraft sure didn’t want to land at that airport

I am connected which is garrenteed cause I just restarted the app and I have the green checkmarks

So it should be fine, everything is streamed so this sort of stuff can happen when it loses connection.

It’s just kinda sad cause I waited about 5 hours to land from SFO and now it got messed up 😕