Landing glitch

This has been happening for the last couple of landings

Looks like an unedited airport. Those can be a bit weird when it comes to the set altitude for the airport compared to the altitude of the terrain.


No it was KDCA when it happened

It kept telling me I was over speeding when I was not

Was that video from KDCA? You have no runway lines, no taxi lines or anything… And the terrain looks off?

Sounds like a network issue if that’s the case.

Yeah every time I touched the ground the symbol in the right corner turned red terrain suddenly changed, and plane acted weird… I should try resetting my device…

Sounds like a good idea. You might just have to reinstall the app. I would maybe try that first before resetting the entire device.


Yes. Sounds like corrupt files. I would do just as @schyllberg said and reinstall IF.

It’s probably a corrupt file yeah, restart your device and if that doesn’t work, reinstall the app

Seb must be on a mountain. Two echos


Why does two people feel it’s necessary to repeat what’s already been said? I don’t get it… at all.


@nicgorman - this topic turned out to be me standing in Grand Canyon hearing myself all over again, PM me the app keeps on acting up :)