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Hello everyone! Yesterday I went to LAX again to do some interesting spotting. With the closure of 24R on the north side of the airport, the arrivals were moved to 24L where they fly over the LAX Economy Parking lot about 200 feet above. This made for some pretty interesting shots of the bottom of the aircraft. Enjoy the photos!

Delta A330-900Neo from Seattle

Air Canada 737-MAX8 from Vancouver

Qatar A350-1000 from Doha

Korean Air 747-8i from Seoul

Southwest Arizona One from Oakland

Emirates A380-800 from Dubai

Alaska A321-200Neo from Seattle

Thanks for viewing


Great photos!

do you by chance know why it was closed?

I’m not exactly sure why, but from what I saw it looked like construction

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I think it’s bc it’s not open


@AndrewWu Wow


Nice shots! I’m also an enthusiast for belly shots and appreciate views from every angle.


For a moment I thought some photos were from infinite flight.

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Great photos mate! Love the Qatar one.

While andrew is technically correct, the real reason is the NAET project (Northern Airfield Exit Taxiway). They are going to add 4 new exit taxiways, reconstruct the first 1/3 of 24R, and recondition the rest of the runway.

It’s also on LAXs website if you search it up (24R closure).


Suddenly very cloudy at LAX. Driving home yesterday I saw X lights (lighted sign in an X pattern) signaling the runway is closed. I heard it will be closed for 4 months (120 days)

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Which runway?

If you read earlier texts, 24R

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AND… they’re gonna be starting on a new terminal as well. It will be done in 2026 i believe!

Another new terminal…

What for?

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They have to spend tax payer’s money some how. Might as well be on something cool and Aviation related.

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Yup. Terminal 0, terminal 1.5, and Terminal 8. T8 already exists but it’s getting it’s own building. T4 & T5 are both gonna go massive renovations as well.

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It’s a massive upgrade project. Ahead of the 2026 FIFA World Cup and 2028 Olympics

Not exactly. This project is in preparation for the ‘26 FIFA World Cup and ‘28 Olympics (LA hosted)


Wide body + Short haul = 🤩

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can’t wait to see it all together!

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