Landing Gear Suspension

Hey IFC!

I have realized and felt that the landing gear suspension on some aircraft doesn’t exist.

See the clip below. Please focus on the landing gear settling down a couple of seconds after touchdown.

And check this clip. This was recorded in IF. I want you to focus on the landing gear.

As you can see, there is a massive difference between the 2 clips.

Why do we need better suspension?

First of all, realism. The feeling of the plane settling down makes the experience a lot greater so you can actually feel like you are on the ground. Secondly, watching a landing with suspension is a lot more realistic and makes it more enjoyable. This would add another drop of realism to IF.

Feel free to share your thoughts and please show your support by replying to this thread or voting if you agree!

I am aware there is 3 year old request about this, I have flagged that one for closure.

That would be great, we already have suspension on some planes 🙂


This is a very nice feature request tbh. I don’t know if there is any other mobile simulator with this feature already, I would like to see this in the near future though for more planes!


I am pretty sure X-Plane Mobile has it.

Thanks for your support!


Im sure XPM does

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Ok, nice to know.

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I think they will add suspension to upcoming planes, for example the a350 already has suspension 🙂


Yes, I agree. The 777 doesn’t have it tho 🤔 That’s why I thought it was worth pointing it out.

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Yep, it’s not possible to do in on the 777 at this time, hopefully in the near future


I notice this too, as well with the A320 landing gear, in real life the lading gear is compressed to the maximum regardless the weight, on ground. But I doubt they will do something about it because it’s not really relevant for the community at the moment.

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We really need this… Hopefully devs can at least add something similar.

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I believe this is a needed feature in flight simulators as it’s what makes aircraft landings smooth and good, but in infinite flight, you land and yes there’s suspension but the plane literally deploys spoilers the second the gear touches down which isn’t what happens irl

Seems like a pretty broad request when aircraft already have this. Maybe just vote for individual reworks instead?

In infinite flight, on landings the second the main gear touch down, the spoilers are armed. Which isn’t what it’s like irl.

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Not on all aircraft though, which aircraft are you referring to? We have many.

Sorry I’m am a person who likes specific details 😂.

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think there is a single aircraft in IF that has this. Planes shouldn’t tip on taxiways and runways like they do in the game. The gear has the ability to collapse, yes, but its resting point is with the suspension extended (for lack of a better term).

When aircraft bounce or tip in real life (I’ve seen some CRJ-200s do it, for example, but it is hardly the same as in IF), it’s because one side (or both sides in the case of bouncing) lifts as opposed to the other side compressing. On the CRJ, 737, A320, 757, etc in IF, the suspension retracts on the weight-bearing side (if the plane is making a left turn, for example, this is the right main gear). When on the ground, there should be extremely little room for compression, or even none at all, but Infinite Flight sets up the gear to default to the most-extended position as opposed to the most-retracted. This is why it can be a pain taxiing 737s or CRJs at higher speeds, in tighter turns, in windy conditions, or any combination of those 3.

Let me know if any part of that didn’t make sense, I tried my best haha.


The bigger aircraft like the a380, 747 don’t have this really irl, but on the a320, 737 and others in they do (except the a350 which seems to have it a bit in IF tbh) hopefully I’m making sense. Sorry if not

A350 definitely has accurate suspension, 757, C172, XCub, TBM, etc. I don’t fly the other commercial aircraft regularly enough to say they have suspension or not but there are aircraft that have it.

Then go vote for those aircraft to be reworked instead, might be a better use of your votes.