Landing Gear Sound

I think that the audio for the landing gear can we reworked into a wind-like audio like in real life.
I know some planes already have this sound but if we could have a rework for all the other aircraft that’d be great.

This is my first features post so if you have any comments please say below.

Nice idea! It is in need of a rework. Also, if you want, you can vote for your own request!

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So like a squeak on landing and a squeal for the breaks, then the clicks and clacks of the luggage bouncing up and down in the over head bins as you roll down the runway. Like that?

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No, I think they mean like the extension/retraction sound.

Oh, so extension/retraction sounds that changes for different aircraft.

Maybe, or just generic reworking

What @InfiniteFlightDeck said. A windy like extension/retraction sound

This might get me clearing a vote


Ah okay. Would be cool, sadly don’t have a vote.

The landing gear extension and retraction sound should also be updated to make the game more realistic.