Landing gear sinking into ground

Hi everyone,

I have lately been having problems with at the time all that I am aware the 737’s gear going into and underneath the scenery on landing cause the aircraft to bank to one side. I don’t know how to rectify the problem but I can’t make a smooth landing or any landing. The right wing sinks with the gear. Just some advice or anyone know if it has been brought up would be great. This has also happened to me multiple times. Cheers guys

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Is this always happening at the same airport?

I would advise clearing your scenery cache and see if that helps.


Nah I had one at Gold Coast or YBCG , one at YSSY and a couple at Brisbane or YBBN

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Try this now.

How do u do it ?

Going into Infinite Flight’s settings - in General - near the bottom there should be an option called “Clear Scenery Cache”


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Perfect will try now

Will jump into a online flight and see if it is fixed appreciate ur help

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Just to quickly add to BennyBoy’s correct troubleshooting method.

Sometimes when you land very hard, your gears may sink into the ground. If that’s the case, it’s not an issue with the scenery but due to a very hard landing. If BennyBoy’s solution does not help you, I suggest that you try to land smoother. Easier said than done, but after some practice, you’ll be able to nail those landings. As a rule of thumb, anything below -300 fpm (vertical speed) on touchdown is safe.


Just had one into Brisbane I think it was about -200 after I reset that scenery and once again the right landing gear sank

Hmm… okay.

Can you upload your replay to You’ll find instructions on how to do that on that website as well. This will allow us to see if there is some other problem. Thanks.

Yea it’s confusing especially considering I have only had the right landing gear go under

@Cam_Williams does this happen on all aircraft? Or just a specific one?

Some of the older aircraft in the sim such as the 717 and the A380 seem to have issues with this. Once they are reworked in the future, you should find that this happens less often.


try calibrating cause you said it sinks to the right?

I have experienced this before, and the best remedy I can think of is to do a slightly faster landing with a slower rate of descent right before the runway. That way, the landing will not be as hard and will not force the gear into the ground. It worked for me, and it might work for you.

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Only had the problem with the 737

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Yea I do calibrate probs a couple times a flight

is this in landing? if so then it may be because on touchdown you are pressing down on the front gear. try pressing really lightly. it happened to me once! :)

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