Landing gear related to fuel consumption?

Has anyone noticed if in Infinite Flight, flying with your landing gear down increases fuel consumption?
I’ve tried to see if it did, but it’s hard to tell…

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I’m not sure, but if you are in a commercial aircraft, your gear shouldn’t be down for more than say 5 minutes of flight. 20 seconds after departure (is normally when they’re up) and a few nm out for landing.
Maybe it does, but not enough for any major effects…


Releasing the landing gear causes more drag than normal. The aerodynamic hull of the aircraft is obstructed by the landing gear, making fuel consumption rates higher…


I know, but if there is a higher consumption on IF, it’s hard to tell…
But in RL it is definitely noticeable, especially in big aircrafts.

Yes, I did an experiment about this.
Notice the N1 and fuel time remaining estimate:
Gear up:

Gear down:

As you can see, IF predicts around 40 minutes more fuel time with the gear up than with the gear down. The N1 is also higher with the gear up than with the gear down.
Tests were conducted in the same location, same airplane, and same weights.


Its just a variable amount. 40 minutes is not a regular amount of prediction. It depends on many factors like aircraft type, speed, etc.

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@Prasoon_S yes, I know that that is based off of the current weight, speed, and throttle which can change.

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it creates more drag, which means that you need more throttle.

Yes having your gear extended on infinite flight does increase your fuel consumption!

The landing gear when extended on infinite flight does produce drag… so to sustain the speed you are currently flying at, it will need more power which increases the fuel consumption!

I just did the experiment with an a320…I kept the aircraft at 180knt and when the gear was up the N1/throttle was at a lower percentage compared to when the gear was extended. When extended it required more power to sustain the speed of 180knt

So in conclusion… yes… when the landing gear is down it does effect the fuel consumption!


Yes it kinda drain more faster than normal who knows?

The comments above yours explain it


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