Landing Gear not appearing

When in infinite flight live, the landing gear doesn’t always appear.

Please include make, model, OS version of your device as well as version of Infinite Flight you are using.
Also try to include a precise list of steps to reproduce the issue consistently if possible.

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I saw a guy at KLAX and his gear disappeered when he was taking off he was still accelarating and was still off the ground

I have landed at KLAX like 2-3 times and my nose landing gear would go underground causing me to not be able to go forward or backwards.

I was an the tower of KSAN, when i look good to a plane that just spawned in i saw no landing gear. Butw at other planes i saw it.
The one without gear:

The other plane i saw the gear:

And bevore i was the tower my game freaks out:

So creepy.
Plzz say what hapened here. :question:

Hmm that looks strange!!

Yes i dont know whats hapened and the other planes had thear laning gear as normal.

Probably just a random but to be honest. Sometimes the app hides planes to save memory, it’s probably accidentally hidden only part.

That can be the problem?

I’m not sure. If you want to attract the attention of a game official, you can press the flag in the bottom right of your original post.

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They are all known issues

1st pic Is to do with lag an the server
2nd pic I cant see an issue. (You are in ATC mode and some one is allready being an ATC on that freq so you are observing)
3rd pic I cant remember exactly what it is but I have had it explained to me before. Nothing to worry about. The devs know.

Try restarting your device for the first picture. The third one is not that bad, just restart the game.

Thats just the Server, sometimes gear dosent show on other planes.
Its is a regular occourance.

When flying in live I have seen numerous planes without any landing gear and that makes infinite flight live less realistic.