Landing Gear In Replay Bug

Before I start I would like to stress, I have not been able to recreate this bug 100% of the time I try to, and sometimes it only appears for about half a second before correcting itself.

I was messing about on solo mode yesterday (my wifi broke) and I took of from Heathrow, (keeping the auto pilot on VS 0 and with 100% throttle for the banter). When I went on the replay mode and skipped on a bit using the seek slider. Whenevery I went to click “LIVE” the app crashed.

iPad Mini iOS 9.1

Steps to recreate bug (remember doesn’t work 100% of the time.)

  1. Take off in the 717 using auto-pilot on any settings
  2. Bring the landing gear in
  3. Watch the replay and using the “seek slider” click (do not slide) on where you brought the gear in.

(I have managed to recreate this without doing some of the steps eg. You don’t have to take off on auto pilot, but following these steps the easiest and fastest way to recreate it)

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