Landing Gear goes through Gear Door in Airbus A380-800

This really shouldn’t happen. Just see the left front side gear. The wheels on one of the sets goes through the door.


To help the developers more please can you put yoru device name and model. Also put your current operating system so they can pinpoint the error and try to solve it.

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Device: iPad 3
OS: iOS 9.3.5 (can’t get iOS 10 on my iPad as it is “obsolete”)
App version: Latest version.

Oh because you are in the Reply mode

I didn’t get that. I can use IF properly as well as the forum.

No that doesn’t. It’s a model issue, because it’s an old model.
@R_Jordanian Nothing to Do with replay


Yes this happens to me!

By the way, the left gear goes in before the right gear. I will make a topic on this when I can.

The landing gear is still not symmetric when retracting it…

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Happens to me as well. This should be fixed if the A380 gets a rework sometime in the future.

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