Landing Gear Glitch

For the pass few months I’ve been having an issue where while in cruise my landing gear randomly deploys by itself . I place my iPad in an area where it’s not disturbed by any external forces but that doesn’t seem to help . Can’t seem to find any other post on this issue , so I’m wondering is this a known issue and if so how do I fix it ?

My apologizes if this is the wrong category

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Hmm. That’s odd. Have you tried reinstalling the app? Are you sure that you don’t place your device where someone can press something?

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I don’t have landing gear glitch

No I literally just had it sitting on my dresser in my room with just me in here and it did it . Haven’t reinstalled in awhile but I’ll give it a try .


Are you using any third party apps?
Any voice control settings?

I use Infinite Assistant but I have the voice commands disabled

I would try a reinstall of IF Assistant and then double check that voice command is set to off. Previously I had the issue and that was the fix for me.

Yeah I reinstalled IF and IF Assistant and started another flight . Hopefully that was the fix . Thanks for the advice

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