Landing gear failed to deploy on 787-8

So earlier today i was doing ruitine flights while i encountered an issue. While flying the Boeing 787-8, on short final my landing gear failed to deploy. The sound was there and actually stuck repeating the gear down noise and blocking out all callouts. Upon a non intended emergency landing (it was a clean landing without the gear) i also had no reverse thrust, bringing me to the conclusion i couldnt due to my gear not touching down. Screenshots attatched showing gear was supposed to be properly engaged as well as the replay to show where it stuck and how i landed.


That’s correct, they aren’t seperate glitches. Uninstall then re-install infinite flight. You’ll keep all your purchases and it may solve this


There’s no need to uninstall and reinstall the app. The gear remains stuck in a position if you hit the replay button while the gear is extending/retracting.

You must hit the gear button again for the position of the gear to change after it gets stuck.

If the LG button shows extended and the gear is not fully extended, simply put the gear into “retract” mode and then back into “extend” mode. The same thing applies the other way.


It’s happened before that while Landing, if you put the app on pause the landing gear will not deploy.

You will hear the sound of the landing gear being deployed but no landing gear will come down.

safe landings!