Landing gear extension prevention

I am proposing an idea where when pulling up the landing gear after takeoff you can slide up and put it in a blocked flight mood. Kind of like the trim tab where you can pull up or down. This way if you accidentally hit it during flight it doesn’t go down. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally hit it and not realized it and then partway through the flight I see it down and I wonder how long it’s been like that and wasting fuel. Some crafts to do have systems like this as far as I am aware. they have weight sensors that can tell if the plane is on the ground or In the air. When coming in to land you would have to take it out of flight mode and then you could safely retract the gear. On the ground you could also put it into a ground mode where it can’t be retracted. I know right now it can’t be attracted on the sim but technically all commercial aircraft have a sensor that can be activated. I don’t think this would be that hard to implement, a pretty easy feature to build in please vote.

Dig some digging and I found this topic which resembles what you’ve said ;)

It’s up to the mods on what stays up anyway.

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