Landing Gear Effect.

Now when you are coming in for a landing in real life and the landing gear comes down you can deal drag and a bit of a shake to the aircraft. To add that bit of realistic touch I think the “Landing Gear Effect” should be improved and added.

  • Good idea, I would love this in the Sim
  • I wouldn’t die with out it but I would enjoy it
  • No this would ruin the whole sim

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There’s gear drag on the A320 family, e jets, citation 10 and the newer planes.


Tbh it could be a bit more noticeable and realistic… I’m not complaining though just telling you my thoughts


With gear on the Citation you have to use over 50 throttle to avoid slowing down.


Like I said just more realistic like the shake effect and I’m sure there’s more to improve this also

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To be honest I think the gears work fine as far as drag goes. I don’t see how they would add in the “shake effect” you’re talking about either.

Does it really.really shake the plane IRL…that’s turbulence on Approach.Correct me if I’m wrong cause i thought it was

For all the pc simmers, he’s talking about ezdok

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What’s ezdok

Are you talking about the Camera Addon

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Yes but ithe does more than just let you setup more views


It’s an add on for pc simmers to use on FSX, PREPAR3D and X-Plane (not sure about xplane)

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The 737 family is the only family in IF with gear drag you can feel immediately.

@GordenW Are you sure the a320 family has gear drag?

And I would love something similar to ezdock in IF. Especially on takeoff


Have you flown the citation!It has the most gear drag in IF