Landing Gear Down Glitch

Device: iPad
Operating system: IOS16

Hello all!

Whoever I fly next to someone (like escorting) their landing gear always shows up as down for some reason. I’ve figured out the the problem can be fixed by cycling the landing gear, but it’s still an issue that should be fixed in a later hot fix.


This is a known issue and is currently being worked on internally if I remember correctly.

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Thank you!

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I know a solution for it and if for example you are going to escort your friend, and you are seeing his landing gear are down, ask him to put the landing gear down and up for less than 2 seconds, should dissapear and always working for me.


Yeah, I know about that too, but it’s still a good thing for them to fix in the future because it gets annoying and in replays the landing gear is always down and it ruins pictures.

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yep I hope they fix that soon, , at least thats the only way to can “fix”

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