Landing Gear Doors Stuck open

In Solo mode after taking off I raised the landing gear but accidentally pressed the “replay button” and then re-watched the recent takeoff. After exiting replay and going into the menu to re-calibrate the landing gear raised but the gear doors failed to close. [For all those who wanted emergencies a feature in IF, I think this could accidentally be one ;)]. This seemed to be a freak bug and I couldn’t reproduce it each time.


How to reproduce (original time)

  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. Enter Solo mode, and takeoff in an aircraft, raise the landing gear
  3. Press the replay function, then exit replay
  4. Press the menu and recallibrate
  5. Continue flight (landing gear should be still raising)

Additional Information
Apple iPhone 6
iOS 9.2
IF version 15.12.0

The development team are aware of this, I mentioned it to one of them the other week, but thanks for pointing it out again!

It works in the ‘Gear Up’ Mode and acts as if the gear doors are closed.

just press gear down and gear up and it will rectify!

This is a very very known bug. :)

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Open the gear and close them again that’s what I do

I love that when it happens to me on approach in live.i wish there was mayday callings.for now i just announce missed approach or going arround