Landing gear disappearing on landing in replay & on live!

Hi there,

Every time I got into replay and watch back my landing gear disappears into the ground every time on touchdown then comes back up once the plane is on the runway! This makes watching my buttery landings quite difficult to watch back!

Also I have the same issue when I am controlling on live, I watch aircraft land and their gear goes into the ground and disappears!

Steps I have taken to resolve:
Cleared scenery catche,
Restarted IF many of times,
Reinstalled IF

Finally my WIFI network is extremely strong - BT fibre optic!

If anyone could advise of a known fix that would be great!

Please see attached images of this,


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This issue was reported during the 21.1 open beta. It’s caused when you do a hard landing. The rule of thumb is to aim for a landing less than -200 fpm to try and get it “smooth”.


Ah I see! I didn’t know this thank you!
So this is in the works to be fixed ?

I will attempt to try smoother landings to see if this is the case 😄

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I’m not sure if it’s being worked on because I haven’t seen a member of staff say anything on it. Since it’s not a major issue I wouldn’t say it’s being worked on at the moment.

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Great! Thank you for your help!

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I swear I have nothing to do with this 👀

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