Landing gear did not work

can someone tell me why landing gear did not work, I was flying in f-16?

What do you mean by “not work?” Did you go through the ground?

Yes, deploy but when you landed you had not come down

I know it sounds dumb, but are you sure you hit the gear button?

xD, of course if :(

Okay, I figured you did.
So your gear was down, but you just fell through the ground? Or did you just crash on impact?

no, land without tires, they did not unfold, it’s something weird, it was the first time that plane was flying.

Ohhh, I see what you’re saying.
I’m not sure what to do in that situation. Let’s just wait until a mod or dev can reply.
Sorry about that.

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thanks you :)

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Happened to me also one time…but it didn’t said crash after my plane touched the ground…its just my plane was stucked on the middle of the runway and other liveries are still working from engine, spoilers armed, flaps full xD

Are you able to recreate it? I have not heard others not able to extend the gear. Maybe you inadvertently pressed the button twice by accident?

If you can fly again and recreate it with a picture then we may be able to look but at this point it is hard to tell exactly what happened.

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It was probably a glitch @Andres_Arias, it happens sometimes, if you land too hard your wheels will go trough the runway underground kind of simulating a gear collapse, i personaly have had it with heavier aircraft but scince i dont fly the F-16 that often i cant be certain, hopefully i helped you out a bit 😉😀❤️❤️

Put them up when they disappear and put them down again this happend before and they were there when they came back down again. 👍🏻

If it happens, press the button for d Landing gear again to retract, and press again to deploy. I think it’s a glitch. It’s happened to me a number of times during take off, the gears didn’t retract fully so I had to click d button again.

Thanks you :)

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