Landing gear coming down issue


someone has said landing gear randomly coming down as become an issue. I am not sure if it is an actual issue. Anyways I was in four hours of a fifteen and my gear has came down. looked at the replay and it showed it deployed two hours into the flight. I have accidentally press buttons without me knowing that I actually pressed so that could have been the problem but I am bringing this up as someone I know said that it is an issue. any help would be appreciated

I have looked through support and cannot find anything

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Uncommon for the gear to be coming down during a flight, are you sure there isn’t an object that may have touched the screen causing the gear to go down?

the only object that was near my device was a togo box for food but that will not do anything. like I have said its been know for me to touch a button and not notice (I was able to press it soft enough) It actually did something. and I am posting something as someone said it was a know issue

mods if it is not a know issue feel free to close and comment just saying it is not a known issue. Thanks

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This is not a common bug, the last issue was solved. I think this is one of those times you accidentally pressed the button. I do it too. I appreciate that you made sure this wasn’t an issue. For next time, I enabled “Show touches” so I can always see where I tapped. I know this won’t help if you are looking at a replay, but it’s always something to think about. Cheers, and Thank you!

what was the last issue and how long was it ago?

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5 days ago. The IFC ruled it as an accident. Before that, the last issue was July 2017.


The following posts may help in resolution of the matter. If they don’t, get back to us.

And, if you have a Bluetooth keyboard connected to your device, do the following as well.


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