Landing Gear Check

Hi all,
You know when you’ve had a soft landing, don’t you! But do you actually now when you failed… to the point your aircraft needs a thorough inspection?

The structural MLW comes into play here, together with your actual landing weight and touch down VS.

I have made a little landing gear check calculator which you might want yo use when your landing leans on the very heavy side.

Please let me know what you think about it and have fun. Heavy landers or serious pilots, this is for you!


Wow 🤩 thanks for your useful information:)


You are welcome! The rule is 600ft/min at MLW. then, you count weight normal but square of VS…
It is good fun after a bad landing to be able to check just how bad it was ! 😉

Thank you! I will use it in my next flight ;)

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Whoa this is great, thanks for sharing!

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Most welcome! Please do if the butter fails! 😉

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Most welcome. Still wish you soft landings!

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Ryanair wants to know your location

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I flew a lot with them last century! Their landings were always good, not even firm…
They are not likely to fly near where I now live!

As you see, the landing gear has nearly disappeared!

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