Landing gear bug

When viewing other planes on the sim, they appear with landing gear down even though they don’t, happens every time.


Hello, there have been some similar bugs recently regarding stuck objects like that (especially reverse thrust while landing.) While I can’t find any topics related to the landing gear directly, it does seem odd that this happens every time. Have you tried restarting the app?

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Yes done many times and ever time it’s the same for each plane

That is very odd. Maybe Seb or someone else can point you in the right direction. Like I said, there have been similar things happen but I haven’t see something related to the landing gear yet. Maybe give reinstalling the app a try. That usually solves 90% of my issues haha. It could be something that just needs to be patched in a future update.

ok thanks so much

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same this evening with a friend of mine. he flew up in a f18, i was in a 737. on expert server. to me his gear looked down, and to him it looked like mine was down. both of us definitely had the gear up.

I believe @schyllberg has said issues like these have been internally noted.

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