Landing Feedback

Hi everyone,

Could someone please give me some feedback on these 2 landings? I had to go around once, it was really windy approach. I was struggling a bit.

The link:

Thank you


Not bad. Besides the fact you overshot the landing zone/touchdown markers it wasn’t that bad.

In a sense you touched down fairly well: Low VS and well centered. Though for your go-around you came back to land on the upwind side (landing with tailwind), which gave you about 30kts higher GS than the approach you started with from the downwind side. Also, the bank was quite high for close to the ground. Although it didn’t show an engine strike, the bank angle near the ground is getting up into that caution zone. And ideally, with the amount of crosswind a lower bank angle should be sufficient.

But it looks like you’re on your way to some pretty good control.

If I remember correctly, I think you did a good job holding the aiming point.

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