Landing Feedback

Hi everyone,

Please may I have some feedback in this landing?

Thank you so much Share My Infinite Flight

Discord is better for this kind of stuff

Idk why I can’t download it :(

It was very firm 400fpm over all decent but alot to improve!! Atleast u landed in the touchdown zone !! 👊🏻

Just do

What do you mean by 400fpm?

It was a hard touchdown

Oh but how can I fix that

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Do u have discord ? We can chat there about it

Sure how do I add

Tell me your discord id

.echorex there u go

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Friend request sent

You were on centreline and on the aiming point. That’s great! It was firm, yes, but that’s not a bad thing. The most important thing is to get it down on the aiming point.

Note about the use of reverse thrust: I noticed you applied max reverse the moment the airplane touched the ground, and didn’t release it until, I assume, it deactivated itself. Max reverse thrust IRL is usually about 80% something, plus the reversers take a good few seconds to kick in. Usually, they’d go to idle reverse at about 60-80kts, before completely deactivating them a little later.


Oh ok thank you, so use about 80% reverse thrust?

Yeah, about that. And wait a few seconds until actually applying it

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Ok thanks also I added you on discord

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