Landing didn't count

Hey !

I mainly try to help but now I need you XD

I just flew LSGG-LSZH-LEAL-LSZH and then I stopped with leaving my flights and the landings didn’t counted… So my goal is to get many landings as possible and now I wasted 4-5 hours for 0 landings ? 😅😅

After finishing my flights, I always check the landing counts and everything was counted !

This happens to me but I don’t know what it is.🥲

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Hi @AviationZyYT, did your app crash? Because if this happened, that means on your replay it should say 0 min and hence your landing didn’t count unfortunately.

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Ummm yes…

00:00 but it stands to me that I flew from LSGG - LSZH…

And I clearly leaved this server without any crashes… I let the IF calculating my XP and then I leaved and had to go.

I suggest then to contact a moderator about this issue.

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I will do that right now ! :)


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Continued via PM