Landing Counts & Violations

My landings are not being added to the count I should have 128. Also the violations goes up without even getting a violation and counts keeps going down periodically. Example I had 94 landing then a few days later I go to take a flight and it says 88 landings.


The landing/violation ratio is on a rolling count, instead of being 3 months. It’s 12 months. For both landings and violations. So you probably did T&G’s a year ago and now they’re disappearing from the 12 month one but those landings are still on your record in total landings.
And the violations being added, they don’t just magically happen, either you Taxi to fast. fly over the airplanes maximum speed. Fly over 250kts below 10,000 and or aerobatics near an airport. Something like that. So


MaxSez: @Cap_G There’s an automatic daily decrement built into the landing count scoring program. The total landing count remains constant, Violations are self imposed due to Pilot Error. Check Replay

Can you send a screenshot of your grade table so we can see the landing count that’s going down? And also about the violations, check in your logbook to see when you got the them and then look at the replay of that flight like what @Maxmustang said

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Gap G I had the same issue for the longest… One day it just stopped…

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