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I fly at least 2 complete flights per day. Why does my landing count go down (90 days)? For instance, I had 163 yesterday, and 162 today.

Any feedback is welcome.


91 days ago you could have done more and it fell off?


It shows the amount of landings done in 90 days, that means the landings that appear there only stay for 90 days and then dissapear

This is a common question. So it remembers your landings from 90 days. Let’s say in your instance 90 days ago you did 3 landings, you would need to do 3 landings today to keep the same 90 day ratio but because you did two it went down.
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I fly daily, that’s my point. I might skip a day or two, but I don’t skip 3 months.

Guess I should do a bunch of pattern work, see what happens. 🤷🏽‍♂️

It’s a rolling count. If i had 5 landings today, 91 days from now they’d disappear from my landings in the last 90 days but not my total landings.

You all are missing my point, I think. I don’t have 5 landings today, and then none for the next 90 days.

For instance, I started today with 162 landings in the last 90 days. I did a flight from KIAH to MMMX. My count is still 162.

That’s because 91 days ago you would’ve done a flight and because it was over 90 days, it’s been nocked off this why it seems like they’re not racking up.

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Time keeps rolling. It’s based on 24 hour periods, so every minute that rolls by is another possibility of one dropping off.

As I’ve told several people before, if you truly think it’s not counting them, keep a written log of all your landings with the exact Zulu time for 90 days and see if you don’t get the exact number IF gets.


Ok. Thanks Tim.

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