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I’m not the one to complain. But I had started at 168 landings(90 days). And i did 3 landings today I always check to see if they get counted once I land. When I did my second landing I should have been at 170… But I actually had 167?.. I finished my 3rd landing and I went back up to 168… this isn’t the first time this has happened… Just got annoying this time… So I had to say something… Anyone else have this issue?

Just to clarify you’re talking about your landings in the last 90 days? or overall

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maybe because it’s only registering landings in the last 90 days, you lost them instead of gaining.

Moved this to #live as there is no issue with the app

The count for landings in 90 days is a rolling count, so the landings you did 91 days ago don’t count.

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Yeah I guess that might be it. I feel like that should be removed all together, the whole 90 day landing scoring… I have 1400+ flying time. 990,000 XP, 816 total landings , 1156 online flights. And the only thing keeping me from being at Grade 5 is just those “90 day landings” but I get it… It keeps people playing I suppose… Wish they would remove it though… But that makes perfect sense mkwiecek!

the last 90 days

That’s happens always to me also .
Really i don’t know why ?

It was stated above:)

I get the feeling, I am in the same boat. I just got back to grade 4 after being grade 5 then dropping to 2 after a hiatus, but, honestly, it makes perfect sense.

Real world pilots have to maintain a certain level of activity. Really, any skilled profession requires you to either maintain some level of activity or completion of CEs or something along those lines that isn’t just a lifetime achievement thing.

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Just said Because that’s really annoying to everyone .

MaxSez: Appears there a lag in the landing counter. T/G’s go uncounted if you don’t come to a complete deceleration. Delaying acceleration or a “Stop &Go” seems to force a count increase.
Think a tweak is in order… Max

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