Landing Count

These are some examples of flights that I took off and landed (usually just like the other flights) and did not count the landings and not even the arrival at the airport, as shown in the logbook.
PS: In all, I landed at the destination airport, even though it does not appear on the system according to the photo.

I’ve posted here before, but the topic was closed.

The lack of destination airport as well as not getting a landing count for these flight is most likely related to each other.

During these flights, can you recall any connection issues or similar that might cause this? If you were not connected during the entire flight, these things can occur.


I had no connection problems during these flights, and one of them I even landed with ATC.

That’s interesting.
What is your callsign and display name? I’ll see if we have any flight data saved for these flights that i can look at.



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We’re checking this right now.

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Thank you so much, I hope you find the problem!!

Any answer ?

Unfortunately not, we’re still trying to figure out why it happens.

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