Landing Count

In the last two days I have made 9 landings and they weren’t counted, is there a time to be counted ? Is it a bug? this isn’t cool, it’s like your flight effort was all invalid…

The system will count it as a landing only if you have been on the runway for 10 seconds


Make sure all whiles touch the runway as well !

Also sometimes it takes time to show up your landing. Restart the game or spawn into another flight and wait and that should do the trick

What? 10 seconds, for real… 🤔

That doesn’t explain that I was on the runway for 3 secs and still got a Landing count… 😶

From what I know, you have to be on the runway for 2-3 seconds with all gears touching the ground before takeoff again. Then repeat this process.


If you want more info about ehat a landing is, i made a topic called “what is considered a landing”, you can find answers there, and if you want to ask a question there too, feel free.What is considered a landing
I hope it helps…

It’s just a bit annoying when people want to help you but they give you invalid or false information.

It’s a good rule to follow but technically incorrect.

Also only the main gear count. There was another thread that defines what a landing is.


I’m pretty sure it’s roughly 10 seconds…

Can you please

  • take a screenshot of your stats table
  • fly a quick pattern on live
  • after you land, exit the flight and take another screen shot of your stats table.
  • paste both here in a reply along with the callsign

So we can look behind the scenes.

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Why is it funny? This is a support thread where we are trying to help. Please only reply if you are trying to help instead of making fun of our efforts.


These 9 landings were the same as the other 262, so I thought it was system error or something else I don’t know. But one thing is certain, my landings in the IF are static, even if I do “touch and go”!

Ok, I will do and post here!

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