Landing count

I have done 202 landings since July 17th, does that mean that on October 16th my 90 day landing count resets to zero. I have read a lot of things about how the 90 day landing counts work but I still don’t understand it. Someone please help explain.

Hello, after 90 days the count resets. So if 89 days ago you did 2 landings, then they will be cleared the next day.

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It’s a rolling period of 90 days. If you do 2 landings every day for 90 days, today your 90 day landing count will be 180. Tomorrow, those first two landings will be 91 days ago, so they won’t count anymore, and your 90 day landing count will be 178.

To answer your question directly, your count will not reset on October 16th.

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Thanks guys, I understand it a bit more.

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