Landing count went down

Hello, I was at 100 landings and it went down even tho I registered one landing today , Went from Grade 4 to Grade 3 again…

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Is it the Landings(90 days) thing?

Yes (10 characters)

Yeh your landings in the past 90 days will slowly go off once you passed day 90
If you want to maintain it you’ll have to land more

I did 10 touch and goes yesterday @ 9pm to get back to grade 4 and it hasn’t even been 24 hours since the last landing so I think it kinda isn’t fair

What likely happened was you did more than one landing 90 days ago. So even though you did one today, multiple were subtracted from 90 days ago and you’re under 100 again.

Well I think their “day 91” starts when you reached the same time when you started 90 days ago
For example if I start at 3:57am 90 days ago,my day 91 starts at 3:57am today
Idk I might be wong

Yep but he didn’t do any landings 90 days ago… or even 10 days before or after that date

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Just realised the date

Alright my recommendation for you is even if you reached the amount of landings in 90 days, just continue flying so you get more than needed and you won’t drop grades that fast

So I should do a flight or 2 everyday?

It’s not required, but you should keep up to date to not lose a grade. Just check once in a while, and if you are down, just do a flight to 2. No need to do it everyday unless you want too :) You could also join a VA! That’s a great way to get hours under your belt while getting the landing required.

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