Landing Count Glitch

Device: iPhone 13 Pro
Operating system: iOS 16.1.2

For my last dozen or so flights, there is a glitch in counting landings for stats. Case in point…KLAX-KMEM…landed in MEM no issue, taxied to park, shut down engines, and even got all the ground equipment set up (so it was fully at the end of the flight). Still counted as “0”.

Expert server, my only server for years…or since whenever it was turned to expert. Never seen this happen before, even when doing touch-and-go’s for practice with only about 1-2s of actual runway contact.

Am I missing something? Many thanks in advance.

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It counted as 1 here? :)

Restarting the app or just waiting a few moments for the app to catch up may be needed sometimes if it’s not showing on your grade table immediately.


Looks like a visual bug. The landing should be registered though (as seen by Schyllberg), so not to worry.

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Sounds good, I sure appreciate it. Probably oversight on my end as I desperately seek to conquer the skies as permanent grade 5. 🤠👍

Many thanks again.

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