Landing Count Disgust

My disgust is the reduction in the landing count as it is very punitive. Even a pilot can take a day off or two and even a vacation. I doubt the airlines will fool with a pilot log book just because he took a day off or went on vacation. If this doesn’t change soon I will take a permanent vacation. I lose anyway.

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for sure you have not found the right way to propose a change, if I were you, I would make a more precise request, maybe in features.


This is not the right place to post this I think it should be in #features
U need a better description of what u want to Change in order to make this effective:)

I have literally no idea what you’re talking about…



Are you venting or proposing a solution?

If I may offer some advice if this is a vent…plan ahead, if possible. I recently returned from a 10 day vacation and was able to maintain my grade 5 status because the days leading up to it I did an extra landing or two per day when I was doing pattern work. Like most anything in life, a little planning goes a long way. Of course not all breaks are planned, and there is a reason why the landing count minimums are there. For the unplanned breaks, take a dose of patience and take the time to get back to your desired grade. Life happens to all of us…


This looks to be a feature reques? To post in features you need to be a TL2 member. Keep posting and have a positive attitude and you’ll get there in no time!:)
If you want to learn more about the features categories you can look here.

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You work towards your grade and maintain it. Yes that means doing a certain amount of landings to actually create a boundary for each grades. If you can’t maintain it then simply accept the lower grade as it works for you. How I see these posts is I don’t have time to level up to leve 40 on Call of duty so now I won’t get the new features before the time runs out, thankfully this way is far easier and I can go weeks without landing and still maintain grade 5. You need to plan it out, do multiple landings a day before you go to keep you above the requirement or when you get back just spend 20 minutes doing patterns, you can easily rack up a load of landings in that time. I don’t think the system is flawed I think people don’t like spending a bit of their time to reach the goal, it can be hard but if you plan well then it’s easily manageable.


Grade 3 is obviously important because it gets you on the Expert server. But from a pure IF app perspective, what does grade 4/5 get you other than bragging rights and an ego boost?


The 90 Days Landing count is what gets affected when you leave the game for a while on vacation. It’s really easy to maintain though. If you did one touch and go every day for 90 days straight, that’s 90 Landings in 90 Days, which is enough for Grade 3, and very close to the 100 landings required for grade 4. If you increased your touch and goes daily to 2-4 per day, you are looking at a total of 180 - 360 Landings within a 90 day period. That’s easy to attain the Grade 5 status (200 Landings). It’s really simple and takes less than 5 minutes of your day ;-)

Lol, if there wasn’t a 90 day landing count requirement…then where’s the challenge? Take your permanent vacation, it literally won’t phase anyone. You’re playing yourself.

Really just a green tag. I like it ;)

Flying clubs have such rules, often dictated by insurance requirements, that pilots have to fly a certain number of hours on their airplanes to maintain their currency. Lapse this currency and you have to fly with an instructor to get checked-out in a plane again…


This is part of almost all walks of life which involve certification.

You think a surgeon can take 5 years off then just head straight back in for Cardiothoracic surgery without any CE or licence-maintainence?


Check rides, requals are a very real thing indeed. The USAF uses STANEVAL or "Standards and Evaluations to track and sustain pilots training both in the air and on the ground. Even if a pilot or aircrew member goes medically unqualified due to no fault of their own. Being down can adversely affect that pilots or aircrews member qualfications to fly his or her assigned airframe. So honestly I agree with landing rules.


If you hold a pilot’s license, no matter how experienced and qualified you are, you need to fly with an instructor and perform a flight review once every two years, or you can’t exercise the privileges of your certificate.

In order to maintain grade 5, you need to do 3 takeoffs and landings every day (I’ve done the math). In a 90 day period, you can miss more than 20 of these days while still meeting the required amount.

Unless you don’t have 5 minutes to to takeoffs and landings each day, or you take 20+ day vacations, you should be able to maintain grade 5 without a problem. You could probably do your landings for this whole week in the time it took you to make this post. Hope that helps!